Kursed is Krystal's alter ego who only thus far appeared during the events of Star Fox Commands ending Star Wolf Returns.Edit

After Star Wolf's victory over the Anglars on VenomWolf still feels unsatisfied. Krystal explains that it was because they had to betrayStar Fox to do so. Leon, on the other hand, is overjoyed that they can get the bounty lifted, and expects a celebration in their honor. Indeed, Star Wolf is praised for their efforts, but the people of Lylat are less kind to Krystal, believing that Krystal herself betrayed Star Fox.

Eventually, the comments of the populace become unbearable, as they start to hiss as she walks by, or would even declare her a traitor. She pulls away from Star Wolf to find a new life, fleeing to a distant galaxy and changing her name to Kursed (though the Japanese version contradicts it). She becomes a Bounty Hunter, chasing the worst in the galaxy in her visibly wearing out Cloud Runner. She runs into Fox years later on planet Kew, but she has changed so much, Fox did not recognize her.